Complaints, Appeals and Grievances

Grievances and complaints will be dealt with in accordance with the following procedure.

STEP 1:  Initially, the complainant must attempt to resolve the matter directly with the other party.  If the matter cannot be resolved, a formal complaint must be made within 7 days to either the Training Manager (with anything regarding training/assessment) or the Customer Service Manager with all other matters. The relevant managers have 21 days to action the complaint and provide feedback of the outcome/ resolution.

STEP 2:  If the complainant is not satisfied with the feedback/ resolution provided and wishes to appeal the decision, the matter will be referred to the Managing Director within 7 days from the initial response. A review will be conducted and the Managing Director must provide a response within 21 days.

STEP 3:  The complainant has 7 days to notify Integrity if they wish to escalate/ appeal the matter further to an external organisation (ACPET). All files/documentation and findings will be submitted for review.

Assessment Appeals

Clients may appeal assessment decisions by assigned Assessors.  All appeals must be in accordance with the following process:

STEP 1:  The client must submit their appeal in writing (using the grievance, complaint and appeal advice) within 7 days of being notified of the assessment decision.

STEP 2:  The Training Manager will investigate the appeal and may arrange for re-assessment by an independent assessor.  The Training Manager must act on any substantiated claim and record the appeal in the Grievance, Complaints and Appeals Register.

STEP 3:  The Training Manager will advise the client of outcome in writing within 21 days of receipt of the appeal.

STEP 4:  If the client remains unsatisfied with the decision then he/she may seek a re-determination under the Grievance/ Complaints and Appeals process.

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