Jocelyn Brooker completed her Certificate III in Business with Integrity Business College.

Jocelyn’s workplace was in Bendigo therefore she completed her training with our virtual platform of a 3 hour class every 3 weeks.

We asked Jocelyn some questions on her experience with her traineeship before she completed.

Where do I work?
Bartercard Central & Western Vic

What do I do?
I am the administrator and receptionist for 3 offices based in Ballarat, Geelong and Bendigo. I work with customers, maintain files, liaise with our Head Office, and create and send the newsletter, as well as any other tasks that pop up.

How has completing a traineeship helped me at work?
I have been able to go deeper and really round out my knowledge of a lot of useful workplace skills. I am more easily able to create documents, organise meetings and manage projects. It has also helped me gain leadership skills and I am much more confident in my work. I have learned a lot about why many business procedures are in place.

What’s next for me?
After I complete my traineeship I am moving from Bendigo to Melbourne. I hope to go into the employment services industry.

Why did I decide to complete a traineeship?
After Year 12 I had no idea what I wanted to do next. Many of my friends were going to university or tafe, but I was worried about committing to the debt that can come along with those courses when I was so unsure what I wanted to do. Administration is a really general set of skills that can apply to many different jobs, so I decided to pursue a traineeship in administration. My older sister also completed a similar traineeship and I saw how it had assisted in her job search.

Do I recommend it?
I’ve had a great year working, my work team is great and now I have a year of experience and a certificate to put on my resume. Integrity Business College is a really good provider of training, and my trainer has been great.

Jocelyn completed her certificate at the end of August.

Congratulations Jocelyn and good luck with your future plans.

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