In December 2014 Integrity Business College was approached by the YMCA Whittlesea to participate in their 2015 Youth Engagement Project.

The Whittlesea Youth Engagement Project is a leadership program that looks to introduce young people to the skills, knowledge and tools needed to create real change for young people within the City of Whittlesea.

The program runs for six months and includes weekly workshops designed to improve leadership, learn new skills and partial completion of a nationally recognised qualification. Participants then go on to plan their own leadership camp and youth led project that will benefit young people within the City of Whittlesea.

Integrity provided training in:

  • Basic communication skills in the workplace including phone skills, writing emails and staff interactions
  • Work readiness skills, time management, event planning, organisational skills and WHS
  • Team building skills through activities requiring team work and taking leadership

This program was made possible through the YMCA’s partnership with City of Whittlesea-BASELINE Services for young people and with funding provided by Youth Central.


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