By Justin Banks

In 2013 I turned 18 and I had just stepped into the scary world of adulthood. I was completing Year 12 and had no idea what I wanted to do with my future. Fortunately, I enrolled at Integrity Business College as a school based trainee undertaking a Certificate III in Information, Digital Media & Technology.

I completed the Certificate III to a very high standard which gave me a boost in self-motivation and sense of achievement. Through the experiences I had with Integrity Business College in 2013, I enrolled again in 2014 but this time a level higher with a Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking.

Feeling much of the same success, in June 2014, I decided to develop my skills further and I enrolled in the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. At the end of 2014 I had successfully completed both Certificate IV level courses. I was absolutely thrilled with myself. However, this was not even the beginning of what Integrity Business College helped me accomplish.

During the 2014 year I was offered an amazing opportunity to complete some work-placement where I would put the skills I had learnt in class to practice. I completed a vast range of tasks such as; computer services to homes, professional presentations to students and IT upgrading with a reputable company. By the end of 2014 I had a massive boost in my self-esteem and was eagerly awaiting what the future would hold.

Now in 2015, I have moved on from Integrity Business College as a student and am now studying a Diploma of Information Technology at Victoria University. My transition from high school to university has been seamless and would not have occurred without the guidance and assistance from Integrity Business College. I have received really good results this year from Victoria University and my studies from Integrity Business College has helped me achieve these results.

In July this year I received a call from Dylan Venables (IT trainer from Integrity Business College) offering me an opportunity to gain more valuable work experience. This time I am working with an external company where I am delivering IT services to public high schools. I have gained a lot of knowledge from this experience thus far and I am excited to continue my learning with further university courses.

As a person I have developed very differently than I had envisioned I would have during high school. Since being a young adult and signing on with Integrity Business College I have developed a great knowledge in Information Technology, great people skills and a great sense of achievement. All of the staff at Integrity Business College have helped shaped who I am today and I am privileged to be able to continue my partnership with Integrity Business College today!

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