The staff at Integrity Business College finds it most rewarding when their students gain employment and get a headstart in their career as a result of undertaking a School-based traineeship.

Joshua Ward started his SBAT in 2014 at the class in Melton whilst finishing his Year 11 VCAL at Lakeview Senior College.

“I joined the school based class to extend my knowledge of IT which would hopefully lead to a different pathway of learning.”

Joshua was drawn to the program because of the small classes which gives the trainer more time to help and support individuals. He also liked being with other students who were like minded as they all had IT in common.

As part of the SBAT program, all trainees must undertake work-placement. Joshua secured a position at Officeworks working in customer service and the technology department. Joshua excelled in this role which resulted in him being offered permanent part time employment after he successfully completed the Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology.

“The other team members are friendly and they care for each other. There is a lot of training so you can feel comfortable in all areas of the business” says Joshua about his time at Officeworks.

For Joshua a true testament to his progress at Officeworks is that he is now the supervisor of this year’s two trainees who are host employed by the same store.

“It’s fun supervising the new school based trainees at Officeworks. I am teaching them things that I learned last year; this helps not only them, but also me because I can revise the training.”

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