Adrian Keith joined Integrity Business College in 2014 as a school based trainee for his year 11 subjects whilst at Parade College in Preston.

“The training provided at Integrity Business College is unlike any I received at school, everything is tailored to suit the student’s needs.  I received help when needed and there’s always a reasonable amount of time to complete all of the work.”

Adrian really enjoyed the hands on case studies as he was able to apply the knowledge he’d gained and learn important new skills. The main reason he continued on to the Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking after completing the Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology, is that he found IT interested him and he wanted to improve his knowledge and skills.

“It made sense for me to continue on with the program as I had already come so far from where I had started.”

Adrian’s work placement was at Commander Centre in North Melbourne. Work placement went really well last year and it was always the highlight of Adrian’s week. He helped the technicians with their tools and equipment, he  assisted with the installation of telephone equipment,  he learnt how to use some of the equipment such as the ‘Krone Tool’ which is used to cut and install telephone cabling to a ‘Krone Block’ and once he  was good enough he  was even able to program VOIP Phones.  During some installations Adrian was programming two phones at the same time. Read more about Adrian’s work-placement here.

“I learnt a lot of interesting things both about the field of telephony and a lot of interesting life facts from my supervisors each week.”

Adrian stated that from the start of his Integrity experience last year with Annie at the SBAT classes to this year with Dylan, his time with Integrity has been an all-round great experience. Trainers and staff at Integrity are all friendly and they’ve always had the time to help him with his course work.

“Over the last 20 months that I’ve been with Integrity the skills and knowledge that I’ve built up will hopefully follow me through into the IT industry after I complete my Studies. I look forward to continuing my studies next year with Integrity and I encourage anyone looking to Study IT to take a look at what they offer.” Adrian Keith

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