The NORTH Link mentoring model is based on addressing the reasons for apprentice dissatisfaction and non-completion.

By working with NORTH Link, Integrity Business College, is assisting the mentoring of young students ensuring their work readiness and helping them understand the principals of active learning. By using this service, learners are able to learn to work with people, plan and manage their work, set high standards for themselves and take ownership of their learning.

The program has been split into 2 workshops. The first workshop covered topics such as:

  • Workplace Etiquette; this allows students to understand workplace culture and etiquette to empower them to succeed and thrive.
  • Identifying Goals; this empowers trainees to understand their traineeship fits their short term, mid-term and long term goals, gives them ‘bigger picture thinking’ which means they can stick out the smaller issues
  • ‘My place in the business’; this allows the students to develop insight into their contribution towards the employers business and allows them to see things from the employers perspective.

The response from the students was positive allowing Integrity to implement this type of mentoring on a regular basis. A future workshop will take place to cover topics including; personal issues and learning issues, learning styles and confidence building.

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