I just recently gained valuable experience in talking in front of a crowd.

On the 20th of March 2014 Peter Venables, Integrity Business College’s Managing Director, and I attended the Whittlesea Youth Commitments ‘Youth Employment Opportunities Fair’.

As a stall holder at this event, Integrity showed students from years 10-12 an insight into what programs are on offer and the pathways they can undertake either during high school or when they finish. My role at the fair was conducting a 5 minute presentation to the students before they went to meet Peter.

I spoke in front of groups containing 20-90 students at a time. I was able to detail my transition through the School-Based Traineeship program that I had undertaken and completed last year. I was accompanied by a wonderfully helpful staff member of the Whittlesea Youth Commitments, Jan Moody. While I was speaking to the students Jan would ask me questions about what work I completed in my certificate and at my work placement.
The students were enlightened by what I was saying to them as when you are at that age you do not always know what you want to do for your career.

The students really enjoyed my presenation and provided the following feedback to Jan:

‘Great to hear from someone my age, who has enjoyed the experience of studying VET’

‘Valuable information given from the speakers’

‘Helped me think I could do it’

To conclude my experience, I went home that night extremely satisfied with myself as I felt I gained a huge confidence boost and a good sense of how to communicate with different groups of people. Also, another positive to the experience is that both Jan and Peter were extremely impressed by my presentation.

I would like to thank Jan Moody and the Whittlesea Youth Commitments group for this wonderful opportunity they have given me.

Justin Banks
2013 School-Based Trainee Graduate

Justin Banks
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